We get pure water, pure air, pure food, natural vegetation, etc. from the environment, but on the contrary, today people are exploiting the forests for their selfishness and some greed, cutting down trees and animals, as well as physical To achieve happiness, we are promoting pollution by killing natural resources, which is affecting our human life.


That is why the following decisions have been taken by GNYCI-CSC towards the environment


v   Giving information about chemical substances that harm the environment and prevent unnecessary use.

v   Planting of maximum plants in the area.

v   Water purity test.

v   To make people aware of the minimum use of plastic.

v   Protecting human life by not using harmful substances.

v   Making the children aware of the environment.

v   WORLD ENVIROMENT DAY on 5th June Awareness campaign.

v   To make the entire area pollution free for the next 5 years.

v   Creating a New India with Clean Environment.

v   Giving beneficial information of tree plants to people.

v   Running new programs related to the protection of natural.