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 Gyandeep National Youth Council of India (GNYCI) is an organization that is actively working for the development of personality, success and leadership of youth and has made more and more people a member through all its branches at national and international levels. Kar is organizing youth programs and public service programs, Membership registration number and password will be sent to the registered member of the institution as soon as the new member is registered, using which members can check their membership and get all the details of their grant.

All the members associated with the organization can submit their grant to GNYCI -CSC like money, any old item, food etc.  

The person who wants to become a member of (GNYCI) should contact the branch of GNYCI -CSC of his village. Or call the helpline number: 7233036303, 8052444224



Benefits of affiliation: - for membership 


v     An ISO Certified Organization.

v     A Globally Famous Organization.

v     All India Valid Certificate and Membership Id.

v     Lowest Membership fees.

v     Only Membership Registration Fees and Donation fees will be collected by the GNYCI-CSC.

v     Online Verify Membership ID and Track Donation Statements.

v     Free Training & Support for membership family.

v     Placement assistance. 

v     Right to use the GNYCI brand