Donation Policy


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We have youth programs and public service programs such as - handicapped, orphans, housing for the poor, schools, food and help to those feeling helpless and help in education, health, employment as well as marriage of the helpless poor Girls, Funding is required to run the program related to providing development / progress of rural areas. The main source of funds of the institution is through donations from individuals, business class and other institutions.

Policy Regarding Privacy

1.                            The Personal information of the respective donors is not disclosed to anyone.

2.                            The Amount, received as donation is fully utilized only in the welfare activities of  the poor, destitute,physically challenged and the needy persons.

Refunds & Cancellation

For Successful Transaction: The details are mailed and are provided with email-id. The amount, received as donation, is transferred directly to the account of ‘Gyandeep Jankalyan Shikshan Sanstha’, Ghazipur. Receipts for the donations along with other relevant documents are sent to the donors at the address as mentioned or desired by them.

For Cancel Transaction:

Case 1: Double transaction or wrong amount entered:- Request mail require to be send on ID with reason. After verifying details of the transaction and justifying reason, the amount as received is refunded and the transaction charges shell have to be borne by the concerned donor. The said process completes within 30 days of the date on which ‘the request mail’ has been received.

Case 2: If any transaction is cancelled by the user during the process period and the amount is not credited in the account of the Organization, but has been debited from the user account, the Organization is not at all responsible to refund for the same. The matter has to be resolved by the user from their banker/merchant. The Organization shell resolves the matter up to the extent of its limit. For this, the donor is kindly requested to send the related matter to the Organization at ID.

NGO ID: UP/2017/0169786