Education Sector


In today's time, our country has reached Mars and the moon on one side, but on the other hand the poor and helpless household members of our society are not getting education due to which children of poor household are being left uneducated and indulged in wrong practices. Are happening and are not able to take advantage of government schemes due to lack of illiteracy.Elimination of illiteracy is the priority of the government. Many schemes are being run by the government. Due to the illiterate society, children of poor and destitute families are not able to take advantage of government good but educated children are not able to share their knowledge due to the absence of children in government schools.(

Therefore, through the Gyandeep National Youth Council of India NGO CSC, the excellence of education is being imparted through free coaching to poor children up to village and system of seating in pencil, rubber, cutter, copy, pen and coaching, boards and markers. The facility is being provided.Also, children who are not enrolled in any schools are also being admitted to the school on behalf of Gyanandeep National Youth Council and their fee is being deposited.

In the field of education, other excellent works are also being done by Gyandeep National Youth Council India NGO, such as poor chid -

v      free computer training

v      free shilai training

v      free beauty parlor training

v      Skill Development Training

v      skills india - skilled india

v     Free coaching to poor children

v      poor children free reading material


v     Admission of poor children to school and deposit of fee


v     free dance training

v     free song music training ... etc.