1. To provide free skill-related training to poor, helpless and destitute students and to prepare all the arrangements for the students

2. To provide health related facilities to the poor and helpless people of rural and urban areas.

3. To provide proper support and employment for the differently abled.

4. To provide proper arrangement of housing, proper environment, food, clothes, education, health, employment etc. for the upbringing of all orphan children in rural and urban areas.

5. Marriage and financial support and donation of poor, destitute girls from rural and urban areas.

6. To develop leadership quality and skills of youth.

7. To mobilize youth for large agro based business, tourism, handicrafts and skill oriented business in the country and train them from time to time by foreign and domestic experts.

8. Organizing meetings and conferences at rural and urban levels for youth and helpless people and expressing views.

9. Co-ordinating and collaborating with government and non-governmental bodies in schemes to encourage self-employment for youth.

10. The latest development in modern technologies is to take every corner of the country, and put the country in the world's first class.

11. To organize participatory programs on development and knowledge from time to time in collaboration with various youth / partner organizations of the world.

12.  Provide training of personality, development of youth.

12.  Provide training of personality, development of youth.