Why Us

Gyandeep National Youth Council India (GNYCI) is an organization that is actively working for the development of personality, success and leadership of youth. And through all its branches at the national and international level, by making maximum members a member, youth programs and public service programs should be conducted for public welfare, in which financial help and education for the disabled, orphans, poor, people feeling helpless , Providing health, employment as well as help in the marriage of helpless girls and providing work and progress of development in rural areas Related programs from being Chalaya.

Today, the organization is helping and serving people on a large scale in many states and cities and villages of the country. Therefore, we are supported by a team of hardworking people, who can fully help the poor people. Therefore, if a person who wants to help in the development of secondary by taking a branch of (GNYCI) in his village, then contact us anytime.

Branch worrk

    v     Make the people of the village a member of the institute.

 v     Collecting donations from member as per his / her power(Like - money, any old thing that works for a poor person).

 v     To provide them a receipt for the Donation.

 v     Find those helpless people of the village and help them in all possible ways.

v     To run programs related to the development / progress of villages.

v     To run youth programs for youth development.

v     To run programs related to free education, health, employment, girl marriage, Divyang Seva, orphanage, old age home etc. in the village.

All the above programs will be controlled by GNYCI CSC-ID of the same village.

 For any complaint related to any branch or to get a new branch in your village, contact the helpline number of the institute at 8052303936, 7233036303.

 Login to our website for more information: www.gyandeepjkssnyci.org

Benefits of Affiliation: - For GNYCI-CSC 

  • An ISO Certified Organization.
  • A Globally Famous Organization.
  • All India Valid Certificate and Membership id.
  • Lowest Membership Fees.
  • Online verify Membership Id and Track your Donation Statements.
  • Free Training & Support.
  • Training Support for your Faculty, counselor and NGO  team.
  • Social inputs & guidelines for a sustainable Social Works.
  • Brand Promotion /Advertisements Support
  • High quality standard designs of promotional materials for local promotion.
  • Automated tools for tracking your Social Work in a CSC portal that will help you analyze, monitor and manage your CSC growth.
  • A transparent and user friendly single window online portal for all transactions and operational inputs.
  • Placement assistance.  
  • Right to use the GNYCI brand
  • Assistance in training and certification of trainers
  • Internet-based center automation software, procedure manuals, etc.
  • Periodic content upgrade
  • Continuous technical and Social  support
  • Online User Id & Password and Dashboard.


GNYCI-CSC Affiliation (Rural) Rs 1100/-

Authorization Letter


GNYCI-CSC User Id & Password


Online Accounts Portal


GNYCI- CSC Branch Flax (4*3)


Eligible for All GNYCI –NGO Govt. Project Membership


Branch Head and Employee Id-Card


Volunteers, Membership, Donation, Donate Management System



Product & Stock Management



Cobra File, Stick File, Ledger, Pen, Gum, Stapler & Pin, Scale etc. all Stationery materials Provide.


Registration Forms (Hard Copy)


Office Management System


Mange Order & Reporting Panel


Affiliation period

1 Year

Server Renewable

20% of the Affiliation Cost